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Noureddine Adam- The leader of SELEKA

Closure of conflict camps tests CAR reconciliation

Etienne Guinot picks up a blue plastic bag, pulls out a dead snake, and holds it up in the air. “If it bites, it will kill you,” he warns, rubbing its rough, spotted skin between his fingers.

In Fondo, a Bangui neighbourhood, the snakes are everywhere these days: hanging in the trees, crawling in the grass, and hiding in large piles of dust and rubble where people’s homes once stood.

The  President of the Central African Republic

Can $2.2 billion buy peace and prosperity in Central African Republic?

Back to scarcity A family from Boeing pack up their belongings 

Before IDPs left M’Poko, NGOs said they wanted to see significant investment in the neighbourhoods of return. The population of PK5, for example, had already grown significantly during the crisis with the arrival of displaced Muslims from elsewhere.

Carte des grands lacs
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